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Discover The Ancient Art Of Wood Block Printing

Thought to have originated in China, wood block printing was used to print text and patterns onto paper or fabric as far back as 220AD! The technique spread throughout Asia and Europe, to print books and create art.

As technology advanced and faster methods of printing were created, it was used less and less.

This dying art-form has thankfully been kept alive in India, where iconic printed fabrics are still being created by hand using traditional methods. 

The blocks are hand carved using Shesham hardwood. The talent of the carvers is clear when you see the intricate detail of the blocks they produce. It's truly amazing! 

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As soon as I tried Block Printing, I was hooked! I discovered the 'Indian Block Printing Co' and decided to train as a tutor so I could spread the joy of this ancient art form and help keep it alive.

What I love about it is, anyone of any age and artistic ability can create amazing pieces that they are proud of.


At Woven Earth I'm always looking for ways I can help people get out of their heads, connect with Nature, relax and come back to their unique selves. 

Block printing, using a variety of Nature themed blocks does all this and more!

Mindfulness takes practice but art makes it easy!

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To join a workshop, keep your eye on my 'Book Online' page for upcoming events, or subscribe to my Newsletter to be the first to hear when they are released.

You can also hire me for private events - Retreats, baby showers, hen dos, social gatherings, birthdays etc

I teach fun and relaxed workshops, with all equipment supplied. Choose from a variety of materials to print on, such as organic cotton tote bags, tea-towels, cushion covers and more.

My blocks are all based on Nature but if you require something different for your event, just let me know.

Pink Sugar_edited.jpg
Pink Sugar_edited.jpg
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