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My name is Sophie, creator of Woven Earth.

I look at nature and see a perfect ecosystem, from the insects, flowers and trees to the rocks, rivers and birds - everything! 

Each knows it's purpose and has a part to play in keeping the system balanced and alive.

We are no different, we are not separate from nature, we ARE nature.

If we embrace our uniqueness, follow our joy and do the things that light us up we will find our purpose and join the seamless dance that comes with being alive at this exact moment in time.

A Rose doesn't try to look like a Tulip, it isn't concerned when the other Roses will choose to bloom. It compares itself to nothing, blooms when the timing is right for itself and lives fully in it's own expression exactly as it's meant to. Then it let's go, the flower wilts and dies, going back to the earth to feed the roots. In time a new flower is created and the cycle continues, ebbing and flowing with the seasons.

Like the Rose, we are cyclical beings, but we live in a society that expects us to be in full bloom consistently which isn't healthy or sustainable. We need time to rest, recover and regenerate. When we do, everyone around us, as well as ourselves, benefits.

Living in touch with nature helps keep us in balance, it reminds us of our seasons and helps us stay in alignment with our true and unique purpose.

This path of using nature as my guide and trying to live my truest expression, has lead to the creation of 'Woven Earth' it's here that I hope to help others reconnect with nature and come home to their unique selves.

Whatever you have to offer is exactly what the world needs!

So here I am offering what I can, knowing the right people will find it.

Woven Earth is still very new and it will keep evolving and changing as time goes by. I hope to see you at some point on this journey, if you feel drawn to any of my offerings.

It would be an honour to have you as part of the W.E community because, there is no-one quite like you - literally!

"Nature moves in the rhythm of divine timing and knows there is a reason and season for everything.
You never see a tree clinging to a leaf for fear there won't be another to take it's place. It simply lets the leaves go, trusting that others will grow again in time.
How much easier life would be if we lived as Nature does."

- Kirsty Gallagher
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